Today is my little brother’s birthday! Happy Birthday James!! Not that you’re reading this… but maybe someone will and let you know that it is on here. Either way let’s celebrate with random internet findings and culinary words.

Squid – a 10-armed carnivorous sea creature. Some small squid are used as food, a practice first documented in 1865.

Casaba Melon – a winter melon with yellow rind and sweet white flesh. First grown in Turkey.

Fava Bean – or broad bean, one of the oldest plants under cultivation. The dried ones are more nutritious than the fresh.

Icebox Cookie – a type of cookie made by forming and chilling dough then slicing for baking.

Blind tasting – a method of wine tasting in which an impartial judgement is guaranteed by serving the tasters without letting them see the label, bottle shape or giving them any information about the wine prior to the sample.

LebKuchen – a type of gingerbread cookie that is typically glazed or coated and has honey, nuts, spices and candied fruit.

Leche – Spanish for milk.


Here is some fun things I found on the web this week!

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