This has always been that part of summer that I really look forward to… eating with my hands. There just seems to be so much more of it once BBQ season hits. But nothing is as gratifying as corn on the cob for eating like a caveman.

There is something so primal about ripping back the husk of corn to get at the sweet sweet innards… must be how zombies feel about brains.



As amazing as fresh, local corn is on it’s own… and that is quite amazing mind you, adding the proper finishes can send that veg over the moon. So much so that corn becomes the star of the meal!

So what are my favourite toppings for corn right now?? I’m not going to say butter… that’s a given. There is a reason everyone says “it’s better with butter”… because it is. But what else?


1. Flavoured Olive Oils – I am in lust with the mushroom and sage olive oil from the Unrefined Olive. Especially on corn. But the fun doesn’t stop there… spicy olive oils, roasted garlic flavour, even some citrus flavours are amazing!

2. Smoked Peppers – The Salty Don makes the most fantabulous smoked pepper and combined with the sweetness of corn it is like a kung fu party in my mouth. That’s a good thing…

3. Lime juice – It might sound odd… but I love lime with my corn. Some butter, a little salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime adds some real umph to your cob.

What do you like??