I grew up in a very small town in Southern Ontario. And like most small towns the closest we got to ethnic food was that one Italian restaurant that served pizza along with burgers, pasta, steak and donair.

The grocery store was more of the same. Hell, soy sauce was about as exotic as it was getting.

Then came Ramen noodles. All the rage when I was about 13 – many of my friends and kids in my class would take the instant version (not actually even knowing there was any other kind of ramen) and sprinkle the dried powder on the noodle cake and chow down.

I  thought this was gross. I hated the texture of the noodles dry and thought the seasoning mix tasted like salt and nasty. I was assured by these same kids, the lovers of dried instant ramen that it didn’t get any better when actually cooked, and since cooked ramen wasn’t the trend – I decided these noodles weren’t for me and I had never been tempted to try them ever again.

That is… until I watched Mind of a Chef. A PBS series that follows Chef David Chang of Momofuku fame. If you haven’t seen it, here’s a little preview!



So when I realized that it wasn’t just kids eating this I figured I had to give it another try. Because, let’s face it… I’m only one step above living in a dorm room anyway. And for a quarter, this is one culinary adventure that wasn’t going to break the bank.

Much to my surprise (but really… with some of the processed junk I eat, I shouldn’t have been the least bit surprised), I actually really enjoyed the instant, no name ramen. And now that I know how tasty the lowest end ramen can be… makes me want to go out and try some of the best! It also made me want to sit on my couch with a book in my lap watching TV and pretending to study…



Oh that’s right… I ate it with chop sticks like a pro! Even made the killer slurping sound.

I’d like to pretend that I was eating it out of the pot as some kind of homage to my student days… truth is there was just no way I was going to wash a pot AND a bowl. What am I, made of unlimited time to wash dishes?