TGIF everyone… TG… IF.

Thousand Island Dressing – a mayo based salad dressing with chili sauce or ketchup, chopped pickles, pimentos, hard boiled egg and spices. *My fave asΒ a kid!*

Tikka – an Indian dish of meat and veg marinated in a spice and yogurt mix and cooked on a skewer in a tandoor.

Render – in cooking means to melt fat, to separate out impurities or to purify or extract something by melting.

Rest – to remove meat from heat and let it sit for a short time before serving. This allows the temperature to stabilize and lets juices in the centre return to the edges of the meat.

HavartiΒ – a mild, semisoft Danish cheese with a porous texture.

Float – a beverage consisting of a soft drink with ice cream floating in it.

Cream Soda – a soft drink made with vanilla flavoured carbonated water. Often coloured – clear, light brown, pink, red or blue. No cream in it, but it was usually served as a float.

lunchNow for some fun foodie stuff I’ve found around the web!

Some recipes from Christopher Walken!

SWAT teams in Texas raid an organic farm for okra… go Texas?!?

A farmer in the US finds a 4 eared cob of corn! I clicked through this one just to see the picture…

Katy from Sheltered Girl Meets World chronicles her drinkcation in NYC!


A little more cooking with Chris Walken!