I think the hardest thing about doing a project where you list something everyday, then round it up every week is seeing just how quickly time is passing! And how easy it is for it to get away from you. One more week of August – can you actually believe that?? Feels like just yesterday I was begging for the sun to come out and warm up this city. Anyway – to the culinary words this week!

Citron – a large, thick skinned pale yellow fruit that looks like a lemon/lime from a thorny Indian evergreen shrub.

Devils on Horseback – oysters wrapped in bacon, sometimes with a prune or date and served with hot sauce.

Diane – a thin sliced tenderloin steak pan cooked with cream, brandy and Worcestershire sauce.

Goumand – a person who loves food and is a glutonous eater.

Kona Coffee – market name for a kind of coffee that grows on the slopes of mountains off the Big Island of Hawaii.

Melon Baller – a kitchen utensil with a small scoop on either end to cut round pieces of food.

Profiterole – a small, hollow ball of soft, sweet choux pastry with cream or ice cream filling.


Now for the random stuff I have found on the internet this week. Or at least the food related stuff!

Looks like there Matt Carmichael is opening a second restaurant in Ottawa!! I should really get off my bum and get  to El Camino. Who wants tacos and my company?!

Imagine using photos of your lunch to raise funds for a good cause! It’s happening!!

David Burke opens an all bacon restaurant?!? I’m half excited, half wishing this whole bacon craze was over. This Chicago eatery will actually be the second all bacon restaurant following Toronto’s Rashers.

Thomas Keller does a Pot Au Feu demo at the Food and Wine show!