Like other University towns, Ottawa has a certain buzz around the beginning of September. I love it. It feels like new beginnings. Like the excitement of what lays ahead is almost able to be touched.

This weekend will mark my 10th year here in O-town. Happy Anniversary to the city I call home! I remember being terrified of having to be social in order to make friends. That I would have to go to countless Frosh activities just to meet people I got along with in order to be able to hang out with them WITHOUT having to participate in organized activities. Luckily for me, some of the very first people I met in residence and during Frosh week are still, to this day, some of my very bestest friends.

dancing bear

Love you random dancing bear statue! You. Are the reason I still live in this city.

In celebration of butterflies, first days, moving out for the first time and new friends / cities I give you three great sites that cover dorm room cooking.

Microwave cooking from

Recipes for College Students

Clean Eating Dorm Room Cooking


Also this piece of advice… Tuna Helper made in a crock pot may seem like a great idea at the time, but the texture is less than wonderful. Also, if you have a convection toaster oven and attempt to make brownies in your dorm room… both the toaster oven and the brownies will be confiscated.