Last week of August!! There are two very, very exciting things coming up for me in September that I can’t wait to tell you all about. Until then… here are your culinary words for this week. And no, you aren’t crazy – I didn’t get a chance to put these up on twitter. Apparently 30 seconds of work was just too much!

Fig – a fleshy, pear shaped fruit eaten fresh, preserved or dried.

Bioflavonoid – any group of water soluble compounds in citrus fruit, rose hips and other plants.

Cambric Tea – a drink for kids containing hot water, milk, sugar and a small amount of tea.

Éclair – a long cream puff filled with whipped cream or custard and topped with chocolate.

Giblets – the edible internal organs of fowl or poultry.

Marjoram – an aromatic Eurasian herb. Wild marjoram is another term for oregano.

Salpicon – a mixture of chopped meat, fish or vegetables bound by a thick sauce and used as a stuffing for croquettes or pastries.


A couple of the things I was staring at rather than tweeting.


Ranch dressing cookies??

Katy talks about the National Capital Craft Beer Festival!

And Chef Anthony Bourdain teaches you how to cook for an episode of No Reservations.