I’m so excited that there is only week left until my vacation. I’m not normally one of these people who feels the need to unplug, and I’m not even sure that I will on this time off… but I like having an excuse not to get back to messages right away. I’m pretty easy to please really. Let the countdown begin!

Café – a coffeehouse or restaurant which is often small and unfussy. Also French for coffee.

Slump – another word for cobbler, a cooked fruit dessert topped with biscuit dough.

Espagnole – the French word for Spanish and refers to a simple brown sauce (a mother sauce) with a roux to which veal stock is added.

Glogg – a Sweedish word for a hot punch of brandy, red wine and sherry flavoured with fruit pieces.

Cream of Tartar – a natural compound in grapes. It is a by-product of wine fermentation and used as a leavener and is added to baking soda to make baking powder.

Pancake – a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides of the griddle.

Spit – a skewer for holding meat over a fire.

unitatoAll awesome.

And for those of you stuck in front of a computer on this sunny, gorgeous fallish day – here are some foodie fun things to look at to pass the time.

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