One of my bucket list items was to spend time in three neighbourhoods I didn’t know very well. I’ll admit that the list item was created mainly so I would drag my lazy butt to Chinatown and discover some of the amazing things about it. I have to say that after my lunch there and a short tour with the help of the Chinatown BIA I’m more knowledgeable… but I still have a long way to go. Here are some pics from my lunch at So Good Restaurant, which was, in fact, Sooooo Good, and a walk about Somerset West.



Spicy chicken with peppers and peanuts


Sweet beef, peppers and sesame


Wickedly fantastic eggplant and anise dish that I was sure I’d dislike (as it combined two of my not so favourite ingredients eggplant and licorice flavour) but ended up enjoying immensely.


After lunch tour begins!



New street art is all over Chinatown


Even garbage cans and benches have been redesigned – the cans feature flowers you would find in China  from each of the four seasons.


Why have happiness when you can have Double Happiness??


Talking about the 7 roofed arch – something only capital cities like Ottawa and its sister city Beijing get.


This month I’m working with C’est Bon Cooking to develop a new food tour in Chinatown – by then I will feel like I really know the area! And you will be able to take the tour and learn it all in an afternoon. Doesn’t quite seem fair… but it does sound like fun.