Next week I’m off having an adventure in Iceland… but because I’m me, I have picked a week to travel that has all kinds of really awesome wicked stuff happening during it! Well… I figure if I can’t go, one of you should!! So here are just a couple of the awesome events taking place next week. Let me know if I’ve missed any so that I can have something new to mope about at the airport.

garden dinnerGreat wine, awesome chefs – you know this is going to be a dinner to remember!



Learn to make preserves from JAMazing jam maker Michael Sunderland?? Awww man! If I could reschedule this trip I would… maybe… I’m torn!



Technically I’m home for this one, but let’s face it… with the combination of jet lag and my need to be anti-social for at least twice as long as I was social, realistically there is no way I will be leaving my couch that day.