Alrighty folks, you have waited for it all week and here it is – a week’s worth of culinary words and crap I found on the Internet. Next week’s post will be on Saturday or VERY late Friday night. I’m personally hoping for very late Friday because I’ve been on quite a streak with getting these round ups out every Friday. But only time will tell. Let’s hop to it.

Slow Food – any dish cooked with care and attention to detail often using traditional recipes and no modern appliances.

Tabouli – a Middle Eastern salad of soaked bulgur wheat, chopped parsley, tomatoes, scallions and mint with olive oil and lemon.

Vegan – a person who eats no animal product in any form.

Knuckle – the knee, or hock joint and nearby parts used for food.

Kobe Beef – a superior and extremely tender grade of beef from a breed of Wagyu cattle raised in Kobe, Japan. The cows are massaged in sake and given beer to drink.

Duck – a small waterfowl with edible flesh.

Bubble and Squeak – a British dish consisting of leftover cooked potatoes and cabbage chopped up and fried together. The name comes from the sound made when cooking it.


And now for that crap I promised… but don’t worry – it’s the best kind! The kind that has you wishing you were paid by the pin!

A bartender gets left a $200,000 tip… but it isn’t as good as it sounds.

Damn… I loved the Mayflower.

Kringle Bread! I love the name… and it looks tasty too!

And speaking of tasty – check out these Banana Malt Muffins…. drool….

The 41ยบ Experience – I want to eat all the things.