Alrighty folks… looks like my streak of Fridays has been banished. A little non existent internet service when I returned home was not what I was hoping for. But rest assured I’m all caught up on Breaking Bad now so all is right with the world. This does mean that this week will be doubling up on Culinary Word of the day’s… so here we go!

Peel – a flat shovel like tool used to move pizzas and bread in an oven or the outer layer of a fruit or vegetables.

Souvlaki – a Greek kebab made with lamb pieces.

Soy Milk – soaked, ground and cooked soybeans that become a milky liquid that is then mixed with tofu.

Cotton Candy – a light, sweet candy made from spun sugar and food colouring.

Basmati Rice – a high quality, long-grain Indian rice whose name means ‘fragrant rice’ in Hindi.

Chalupa – a corn tortilla dough fried in a boat shaped and filled with shredded meat, vegetables, cheese and a spicy sauce.

Bass – nontechnical name for many fish that are edible, freshwater and spiny-finned fish.

Chai – tea boiled with milk, sugar, cardamom and other spices.

Challah – a white bread containing eggs and leavened with yeast. Usually formed into braided or twisted loaves and glazed with eggs before baking. Challah bread is traditionally eaten by Jews on Friday evening at the Sabbath meal and on holidays.

Fried Rice – a dish of boiled rice fried with onions, scrambled eggs, soy sauce, oyster sauce and sometimes minced meat and other seasonings.

Gherkin – a small, immature cucumber used for pickling, also a plant in the gourd family.

Hushpuppy – another name for corndog.

Hot Fudge – a warm, rich chocolate used as a filling or topping for cakes or ice cream.

Lingonberry – is a shrub bearing edible tart dark berries similar, but smaller than cranberries. Called a cowberry in the U.K.



Now for a couple of the little gems I’ve found while surfing the net these past weeks… which isn’t as much time as you would think!!

Chef Jonathan Gushue from Langdonhall gives some culinary cred to Toronto Pizza.

Very cool Ottawa Chef Justin Tse has a kick ass Northern adventure!

And what the hell… a mash up of adorable babies eating birthday cake.