Lately I’ve been seeing food soaps everywhere! Well… ok… not everywhere, but by the time I had come across my third I figured it was time to post about it.

Fist off I came acrossย Clarmellย Farms goats milk soap. That’s right, those makers of Ottawa’s finest goats Feta and Chevre are now making soap. You can buy it at their market stall!


Then, during my afternoons in Chinatown, I finally visited Purple Urchin Soaps. I was in love with all their food scented flavours of body scrubs and soaps. Seriously… if anyone is ever looking for a gift for me – they have soap that smells like rockets. ROCKETS!! The best of the best B-Halloween candies.


I don’t know if I want to drink it or use it… perhaps a mimosa in the tub!


Following that came an article about Dirty Duck soaps – that are actually made from animal fats that are rendered and have pretty smelling items added to them. Started by the Algonquin College Hospitality program, Purple Urchin helps to form these into bars and the fats are crowd sourced from a variety of restaurants around Ottawa who don’t want to see any part of the animal go to waste. Genius and delish.



Four ingredients… who knew soap was so simple.

So… time to hit the tub Ottawa – which foodie soap will you try first?