I had heard ‘This Means War’ was a shitty chick flick so I avoided it like the plague for quite some time. However, despite my best efforts there was a moment last week where I found myself desperately in need of some cheering up and only the idea of watching Capitan Kirk (aka Chris Pine) in some kind of romantic role seemed to be appealing. I’ll admit, not only was it just what the doctor ordered, but I quite liked it.

For those who don’t know, don’t care, don’t remember… This Means War is that Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy movie  where two CIA agents battle it out over the same girl.

Anyhoo… there is a very steamy and sexy scene in this movie that takes place in the kitchen. I scoured you tube but could only come up with a version that looks like it is shot on a phone pointed at a TV screen. And this picture.

this means war

It’s not much… but you are welcome.

Instead of putting up that video, I’ll give you this other kitchen scene and let you watch the movie yourself. Or… if you find yourself willing to put up with the horrible sound and picture quality, here you are. I think you’ll still like it.


So that got me thinking… what other amazing movie scenes take place in the kitchen?? Of course there is the infamous 9 1/2 weeks food scene…


And though technically it is in a diner, there is this amazing part from A History of Violence… I warn you, it’s a touch… violent. Absolutely incredible movie though.


What’s your favourite movie scene that takes place in the kitchen??