Holy Moley! October already… and it’s time for Oktoberfest at that!! What a great weekend of spiced pumpkin ales and German food (or ribs if you are hitting the Sparks Street Oktoberfest) awaits us all. I for one will be grabbing a bus out to Vankleek Hill for Beau’s annual celebration tomorrow. Say hi if you see me! Now on to some culinary word definitions for the week.

Rolled Oats – oats that have the husk removed and have been flattened. Used in making oatmeal.

Rolled Roast – a meat roast with the ribs removed that is rolled and tied in a cylinder.

Gazpacho – a cold, spicy, tomato based Spanish soup.

Earthnut – a peanut.

Deglaze – to remove the bits of sautรฉed or roasted meat and the juices from the pan by adding liquid like stock or wine. The result is normally used as a sauce.

Cruet – a small glass container with a stopper used for holding a liquid condiment such as oil or vinegar.

Crouton – a small cubed piece of toasted or fried bread that accompanies a soup or salad. It’s literal translation is ‘little crust’.



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