Finally Friday and the long weekend is upon us! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?? Me?? Good food, friends and family! Let’s get to the culinary word round up.

Anjou – a variety of pear with green skin and firm flesh named for a former province of France.

Batch- the quantity baked at one time.

ChΓ¨vre – a French word for any cheese made with goat’s milk.

Edamame – the Japanese term for fresh, immature soy beans.

Farmer’s Cheese – unripened cheese made by pressing milk curds. It is drier, firmer and less creamy than cottage cheese.

Golden Delicious – a bright yellow sweet apple not genetically linked to a Red Delicious apple.

Jordan Almond – a large variety of almond from Malaga. The name comes from the english term for a garden almond. Also refers to any almond with a hard sugar coating.



Now for a couple of links to keep you entertained through the countdown to the long weekend!Β 

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On the table!