Time for an update on the store. I’m overwhelmed.


This happens pretty regularly – but this time it’s the good overwhelmed. The kind where you just can’t believe how amazing people are. Which people?? You people. Those who sent messages of congratulations, offering their support and services and suggestions for products, companies and places to look for more resources. Those who helped spread the word about my store and indiegogo campaign and those who already donated, or plan to before the campaign is over.

Think of the campaign as more than a fundraiser that will help me get this store of the ground. That’s my dream. But what about you??

Well – for every donation made of any dollar amount you are put into a weekly draw for a book called “Salt: 1001 practical household uses”. So that’s pretty cool. This week’s winner according to Random Number Generator.org is #7 – elsewise!! Congratulations! I’m keeping track and I’ll be sure to get it to you along with your perk package.

spice bowls

Speaking of perks – in addition to the book draw, any amount over $10 gets you ‘perks’ basically free stuff. Spices, herbs, event tickets, gift certificates and more. I want to give you stuff – so keep it coming!

I also met with my very talented design person, Nicole Vallée from Domino Creative and went over some options for logo and design and have been scouring rental properties looking for just the right spot. With my fingers crossed, I *may* have found something. Don’t get too excited yet. I’ve said this at least 3 times before.

That’s it for the update this week! We are over 1/10th of the way towards the fundraising goal – and together Ottawa and my lovely friends and family from all over, we are going to make this happen!!

Click here to visit the indiegogo site if you haven’t already. All my love will be yours.

One last thing… I believe we need to start a twitter campaign to get this guy to do my spice commercials. What do you think??