Another week done – let’s look at the culinary word a days!

Calamari – squid prepared as food, especially deep fried.

California roll – a popular form of sushi made of avocado, crabmeat, carrot, cucumber and sometimes smelt. The story is that a California chef invented these. Most people in Japan have never heard of them.

Frog’s Legs – the back and legs of a frog. Considered a delicacy in Chinese and French cuisine.

Fritto Misto – a dish of various small foods, especially meat, seafood or vegetables coated with batter and deep fried. Italian for mixed fry.

Jelly Roll Pan – a baking sheet with a one inch sides for making jelly rolls.

Jelly Roll – a long cylindrical dessert made by rolling up a thin rectangle of light sponge cake spread with fruit jelly.

Poach – to cook in a simmering liquid.


Because I’m so swamped – I’m going to bypass the thing’s I’ve found on the internet this week. But I will put up my fundraising page for my store start up! If you’ve missed it, I’m opening a store in Ottawa called Cardamom and Cloves. It will be the place to go for all things herb and spice! Before I open I’m giving everyone the chance to try it out and get some samples!! Thanks to everyone who has shown this venture love and support.

Check it out here.