How is that candy hangover treating you and the kids?? If you need, I selflessly will take any and all donations of mini chocolate bars (coffeecrisp, kit kat and peanut butter cups preferred), rockets, cheetosย and tootsie rolls. Just message me and I’ll let you know where you can drop them off. But you can keep that candy corn stuff to yourself. Now on to the culinary words for this week!

Au Gratin – French for with scrapings/by grating and it originally referred to dried or toasted bread that was scraped from the bottom of a pan and mixed with grated cheese. Now it refers to a dish sprinkled with bread crumbs or grated cheese and browned.

Au Bleu – a French term referring to fish prepared immediately after it is killed.

Beluga – the Russian name for the white sturgeon fish whose roe makes the most prized caviar.

Caffe – Italian for coffee.

Espresso – strong black coffee made by forcing steam through finely ground coffee beans. The word literally means pressed out.

Goulash – a meat stew made of beef or veal, assorted vegetables and seasonings including paprika.

Meyer Lemon – a citrus fruit thought to be a cross of a lemon and a mandarin or orange.


There is so much going on this week on the web! Chef X, Restaurants dressing up for Halloween and celebrity chefs fighting over Canada’s seal hunt.

There is a new way to enjoy cooking at home! It combines the amazing talents of local chefs and your kitchen! A review of the new Chef X by Paula Roy!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my Indiegogo campaign! These spice perks make awesome gifts and the campaign runs until the start of December – hint hint!

Chef Michael Smith tells Chef Curtis Stone to grow a pair. Agreed.

A restaurant in Chicago that does take away meals (think Red Apron or Epicuria) goes as fine dining Alinea for Halloween. Hilarious. Here is a little backgroundย and the awesome video!