This week I had a small panic attack in the middle of the night. I awoke to realize that some of the chiles I’m going to be growing for the store would need about 90 days to be ready. Then I realized that with my target opening date of February 2014, that means I need to plant …. yesterday.


So, that led to an arts and craft’s origami session in my living room making pieces of old newspaper into little cups that will hold the dirt and seedlings. As well as a few hours online spent purchasing the seeds that I had already researched.

Turns out I am really slow at folding newspapers. Either that or I was paying way too much attention to The Blacklist – my new favourite show. It was probably a combination… I just can’t look away when James Spader is on the screen and I don’t fold all that often.



All this to say… things are starting to materialize in a very real way. Mostly in my living room which is starting to look like an episode of hoarders.

Another piece of really big news is that I’ve found my store location. And while I could just go ahead and announce it here – I think the better idea would be to use this as an excuse for all of us to get together for an after work drink!


That’s why I’m announcing a little internet get together! On twitter, we call them tweet-ups (cute, eh?). Like an open house party where everyone who has read this is invited along with their guests! So come on down (details below) see me, find out where the store is going to be, have a drink with your fellow social media lovers and get in on some draws and other fun giveaways!

Here are those details I promised:

Location: Pressed Urban Gourmet Sandwich Bar – 750 Gladstone Ave, Ottawa
Time: 4pm – 7pm (with a great songwriter showcase event taking place afterwards – feel free to stay!)
Date: Tuesday November 19, 2014

RSVP by clicking here!

Can’t make it?? No worries – after the event I’ll get the word out about my new location. Don’t forget you can also make my day and get yourself some wicked prizes by donating to my start up fund right here.