Sometimes I think I’m just figuring out this spice store stuff as I go along. Mainly because… well… that is exactly what I’m doing.

When I began my start up fund on Indiegogo, I knew vaguely what perks I wanted to offer. Whether it be event tickets, recipes or spice kits – I had a general impression. I did not, however, know exactly what those events, recipes and spices would be. Until this weekend, when I sat down and worked it out.


I thought I would take baby steps and feature some of the perks in their own posts. Probably because I’m too lazy to write it all out in one go… and if I were you I wouldn’t be reading a post that long either. I’ve got things to do… like complaining about the weather and telling people about the movies I’ve watched. You know, important things.

Let’s start with the first perk! For a $10 donation to my start up fund, you get a 3 spice sample kit. So, 3 x 2oz tin jars of spices. Which spices?? Well that’s up to you! Everyone who opts in for this perk will get an email that lists the options and they can choose which pack they get. Each kit includes 2 recipe cards that use the spices and gets you in the draw for a bonus prize! What are the options??

1 – Salt: This pack includes a sample of Sel Gris, Himalayan Pink and Sonoma Sea Salt

2 – Moroccan: 2 oz each of cumin, ras el hanout and turmeric

3 – Caribbean: this sample pack will feature all spice, cloves and dried chili peppers

4 – Greek: in here I’ve got all spice, anise and fennel

For each of the packs you also get to choose if they come to you pre-ground (which will be done just prior to sending out) or left whole so you can keep them until you are ready to use them!

All in a cute little package, bow and all. Doesn’t that sound like the best stocking stuffer idea ever?!?

If you want to get yours – click here!

And if you’d like to check it out, here is my appearance this morning on CTV!