I don’t know about you… but it has been a CRAZY week for me. I honestly can’t believe it’s already Friday. And because I’m so behind all I have for you today are the culinary word a days… I’m hoping next week will be a bit slower, but probably not! Happy Friday everyone! 

Vacherin – a soft cow’s milk cheese with a nutty flavour and 45% fat. It’s also the name of a baked meringue dessert that is served with ice cream and has a shape and colour of the cheese.

Sear – to brown meat quickly with intense heat before grilling or roasting.

Red Potato – any potato with a red skin.

Recipe – a list of ingredients, utensils, gear and instructions for preparing a food dish or drink. The word in this context dates back to 1631.

Offal – entrails, internal organs and trimmings of a butchered animal. Some of which are edible.

Melba – a sauce made of pureed raspberries.

Jackfruit – a very large East Indian fruit resembling bread fruit with edible pulp and seeds. One fruit can weigh up to one hundred pounds.