Tonight from 4-7  at Pressed Urban Gourmet Sandwich Bar (750 Gladstone), I’m hosting a meet up / after work drink party to reveal the location for my new store! One problem… I don’t have a location. When I announced the party, all verbal agreements were worked out and I was just waiting on the paperwork to be drawn up.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I ate some cookies… and I waited.

After a couple follow ups, I was told that the owners of the space I had scouted and made verbal arrangements to rent, weren’t sure that they wanted to rent the space out after all. This was Friday that just passed. My contact to the owners said he would try once again to see where they were at in their decision making process, but I’m still waiting on word.


That was disheartening. There is still a chance that this wonderful space may be mine, or I’ll have the chance to find one that is even better. Either way I’m not down and I’m not out!

I still have loads of fabulous gifts for tonight’s party and something special to show everyone. That’s right, I’m turning this location reveal party into a logo reveal party! The art work is done and it’s gorgeous!! Let’s celebrate, get together and talk about spices!

So come on out! Drop into Pressed at 750 Gladstone between 4-7, get your free gift, get in for some door and raffle prizes and see the amazing work of Domino Creative!


In other, happier news – my seedlings have been planted!! In a makeshift green house made out of a clear rubber maid container, I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that these little seeds will be popping up in no time! The plan is to have living plants in the store so that when you purchase your herbs, they are cuttings rather than something that has been pre-cut days ago and already started to dry out.


Among those seeds planted were staples like rosemary, basil and chives. Some flirtier herbs like Korean Mint, Fenugreek and Ancho Poblano Chilies. And some that I have never attempted to grow before like Hyssop, Borage and Lemon Balm. Wish them luck! With me as their caretaker, they may need it. And by may, I mean they will definitely need all the help they can get.