22 Days left! There are 22 days left in my Start up fund campaign. Time to kick this into gear!!

I think the best way to do that is to keep spreading the word. I’m asking you, as a buddy, help me! Tell a friend. Ask them to tell a friend! Re-Tweet, share on facebook – all that great stuff. Let the world know that I’m starting the best spice shop in Ottawa and to help it open, I’m giving away spice kits, event tickets, gift certificates and more for donations to my start up fund!!

Another good way would be for me to get into a bit of detail about the spice kit you get at the $25 level. First you get my undying gratitude! Thank you so much for helping to turn my dream into reality. Next you get 3 recipes that use the spices and herbs in the kit you choose.

Next you get 2oz x 5 whole spice samples and two fresh herbs! I’ll send you the spice kit before Christmas along with a coupon that will let you pick up the fresh herbs from the store once we open. Each person who picks this perk will get an email from me asking them to pick from one of the following spice kits.


Option A – Moroccan
This kit has: cumin, paprika, ras el hanout, turmeric, and cinnamon. And fresh mint and coriander.

Option B – Chilean
This kit contains: cardamom, cloves (awesome combo already, no?) nutmeg, black pepper, garlic and fresh cilantro and thyme.

Option C – Caribbean
With this one you get: all spice, bay leaves, cloves, hot peppers, celery seeds and fresh thyme and dill

Option D – Greek
This one’s got: all spice, anise, fennel, garlic, oregano and dried thyme and mint

Option E – Italian
Last option has: fennel, garlic, oregano, rosemary, thyme with fresh basil and sage

Which one would you take?? Click here to donate and get your kit!