Last Friday I was on Rogers promoting my new shop – Cardamom and Cloves – and the start up campaign I’m running! Click here to donate to it, you get lots of great items with your donation including my undying gratitude! Needless to say I now owe you two weeks worth of culinary word a days! Here they are:

Acorn Squash – an acorn shaped winter squash with ridged dark green rind and yellow flesh.

Additive – a substance added directly to food during processing for purposes of preservation, colouring or stabilization.

Banana’s Foster – a dessert of lengthwise sliced banana sautéed and then flambéed in rum, banana liqueur and brown sugar, served with ice cream.

Baobab – the edible fruit of a very thick African tree. The edible pulp is called Monkey Bread.

Banger – slang for sausage.

BLT – a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The abbreviation first became popular in 1941.

Café Mocha – a drink of typically 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk with chocolate added.

Colby – a mild cheese similar to Cheddar but softer and creamier.

Dessert Wine – a sweet wine served with or after dessert.

Digestif – a type of alcoholic drink taken to aid digestion. Common drinks include brandy and cognac.

Flummery – a soft, sweet, bland food made from boiled and strained oatmeal, flour or rice.

Flute (Fluting) – means to make furrows or rounded grooves in something such as a pie crust.

Medlar – the small, brown crab apple like fruit of a small Eurasian tree. It is used for preserves and eaten, but is not edible until the early stages of decay.

Pandowdy – also called a cobbler. A deep dish fruit pie sweetened with sugar, molasses or maple syrup with a top crust but no bottom.

pinky upKeep that pinky up!!

Now here are a few sites for you to spend time on while you pretend to work this cold but bright Friday afternoon…

Have you checked out Brew Donkey?? They do home deliveries of craft beer as well as tours to local breweries – and they sell gift certificates *cough* perfect gift *cough*

Happy Cow Cookbook features recipes from the top vegan restaurants in the world… including Ottawa’s own Zen Kitchen!

Gladstone is getting a meaty, yummy new store when Seed to Sausage comes to town!

I’m so sad I didn’t make the trip to Charleston for Cook it Raw – this looked like an amazing event.