I loved X-files growing up. I had a huge poster of David Duchovny next to my bed and may or may not have had a huge crush on him. (Smart money is on ‘may’). And I know from my very scientific research of discussing X-files and all things geeky at the bar, that most of the men I talk to who are fans of the show felt the same way for Gillian Anderson.

In a new campaign against deep-sea trawling – Anderson posed with a conger eel draped around her neck and nothing else.



Personally, I would have posed with a fish or some kind of seahorse. Eels are too snake like for me and remind me of the Little Mermaid.

But that is exactly the point – we feel less emotional about the near-extinction of a species if it isn’t cute and fluffy. Also feel better about eating it and being generally crappy towards them too.

According to campaigners,  deep-sea trawling is wiping out ecosystems the size of Paris every day and a half. For more info and more pictures click here.