Like a kid trying to sneak into the house past curfew – here is my 2 days late Interweb Round Up. Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Dum – means cooked by steaming and is a term in South Asian cooking.

Dry Rub – a mix of spices, herbs, salt, sugar and various other ingredients that are used to flavour meat or veggies instead of sauce.

Dry – has two culinary meanings. In relation to food served without butter, jam, gravy or garnish; and in relation to wine that is not sweet.

Golden Syrup – a pale, mild amber mixture of molasses, corn syrup and sugar that looks like honey.

Jam – a spread or conserve made from fruit pulp boiled with sugar. The word was first used in the 1730s.

Quince – an aromatic, acid-tasting pear or apple shaped Asian fruit. Used primarily in preserves.

Ramekin – a small, lidless ceramic individual portion baking dish. Used mostly for foods like crème brulee.