It’s been a while, but it is definitely time to give everyone an update on my latest project – opening up my shop: Cardamom and Cloves!

Over the weekend my crowd funded start up campaign came to an end. The first bit of news from that is we raised over $5000 to help with start up costs for the store! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that is. With every investment, every share, every time someone would promote the campaign, I think my heart grew. Now it takes up most of my insides and there is very little room for anything else. Medical mystery sure… but I love it.


The other reason that the campaign ending is so phenomenal, is that now I can see who all the ‘anonymous’ donations came from. There may have been a way to do it before the campaign ended… but I never found out how. And now I get to start getting spice kits together and out to all you wonderful people. 


Next update is a big one! I’m signing my lease today on the retail location!! Are you ready for it??

440 Preston Street

Right between Moonroom and Pub Italia – soon to be two of my most frequented watering holes. Opening is still looking like February, but until I get in there and see how long set up is going to take I’m not making any hard promises.


So much work, so little time! Back to it. And one more time (but not the last to be sure) thank you!!