Christmas is almost here!!! Can you believe only 6 more sleeps!?! Need some recipe ideas or DIY foodie gift ideas??ย C’est Bon Cooking and Constantly Cooking have you covered. What can I offer??? Well…


I ย have a picture of Jamie Oliver in a Christmas Sweater! That’s pretty good too.

I also have a pretty interesting tick I picked up while doing some reading and research on salt. I’d like to make a sarcastic remark here about it being super interesting… but it actually was. Hate when a joke is ruined by the truth. Dang.

Anyway, here goes. If you want to chill wine fast, add ice to a bucket and pout 1/4 cup of salt on the ice. It will lower the melting point of the ice creating more of an ice bath that will surround your wine bottle. Just put in your bottle of wine that needs chilling and it will be ready in about 6 minutes time!

Salt, what can’t you do??

Here is hoping you all have a relaxing and joyous holiday and that you get to spend it with the ones you love the most in the world. Cheers!