I love New Years. I would dare say it is my favourite holiday. Not that I look forward to it all year, but when it is around I love the hope and well wishes it brings for a wonderful new year. With today being the last day of 2013 – I figured it was the perfect chance to finish up my resolution from last year to learn a new culinary word a day. Here are the rest of the list from 2013 – to see them all look back through the Interweb Going On posts.



Be safe my friends.

Angel Hair – a pasta in a very fine, long, thin strand.

Anise – an aromatic plant with licorice-flavoured seeds.

Antioxidant – a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Used as ingredients in dietary supplements in the hope of maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Aperitif – a light alcoholic drink taken before a meal.

Blood Pudding – also called blood sausage – a sausage made from pigs blood, suet, a thickening agent and herbs.

Bon AppΓ©tit – French for “Good/hearty appetite!” a salutation to a person about to eat.

Bonito – the flesh of a game fish related to tuna, with dark stripes on its back, or similar fish.

Borage – leaves of a hairy blue flowered European herb used to flavour sauces and punches. The young leaves are eaten in salads or cooked like spinach.

Bordelaise- a brown-coloured red wine sauce flavoured with shallots and garnished with bone marrow and parsley.

Composed Salad – a salad in which the components are elaborately put together or arranged rather than tossed.

Concentrate – a substance made by removing or reducing the liquid. For instance a juice made denser by removing its water.

Duchess Potatoes – are mashed potatoes, butter, egg yolks, and seasonings piked into a baking pan or made into small cakes and topped with grated cheese. Then they are baked or fried.

Dulce De Leche – a Latin American concoction of caramel and sweet cream which is used as a spread or flavouring for foods like ice cream.

Gjetost – a Scandinavian boiled whey goat’s cheese.

Glaze – any thin, shiny coating – savoury or sweet – applied to foods.

Kir – an alcoholic beverage made of cassis and dry white wine.

Knead – to work dough into a uniform mass with the hands by pushing, stretching and folding it.

Pasta E Fagioli – an Italian cannellini bean and pasta soup served with sausage.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and wonderful 2014 filled with laughter, good will and joy. See you next year!Β