Another year upon us and I for one am alive with the possibilities of all the great things that could happen! Some people hate resolutions but I make them all year round – just little goals you set for yourself in order to adjust and make things better. Whether it’s broad like “getting into shape” or more specific such as “at least stop eating ice cream directly from the container”, when you set these objectives, big or small, it gives you reason to celebrate when you have accomplished them!

So here are a few of my foodie resolutions for this year on my 2014 Bucket List. Which is, of course, for when 2014 kicks the bucket. Me? I don’t plan on ever doing that. I will live on like one of those floating heads in Futurama… forever eating ice cream directly from the tub.

1. Open Cardamom and Cloves. This one may sound like a no brainer, but until the doors are open it’s still a goal I’m working towards. Let’s add – and keep it open… that sounds a little more like a resolution.


Look at that wicked paint job! Thanks ladies! And

2. Take a food related vacation. I’m not sure where yet – and I have no idea what my schedule will allow for, but I will travel somewhere amazing (not necessarily far or for very long) and will go for something food related. Broad? Maybe. But who hasn’t wanted to go to Spain for paella and red wine?!? Or Morocco for Kefta???


I would totally go back to Iceland just for hot chocolate and asparagus soup.

3. This year I’m turning 30. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – but I think I’m going to make it one. I plan on having a meal to remember to celebrate this milestone.

The list isn’t long this year, but the items are pretty big. Hats off to 2014 – let’s make it the best year yet!!