There was a time when I first started this blog that I had dreamed about being on food Television – rubbing elbows with Michael Smith, trading tips and recipes with Jamie Oliver. Oooohhhh… that would be sweet.

Unfortunately, reality settled in the way it tends to do. I remembered that I’m very uncomfortable in front of large groups and slightly terrified on camera and didn’t think that would be a pleasant feeling day after day. So away went that dream along with my goal to become a veterinarian (poor sick animals and ewww blood that and I’m garbage at science).

But that shouldn’t stop you!! Did you know that there is a new food and lifestyle specialty channel right here in Ottawa called GustoTV? It’s true!  Bell TV (Channel #619), Bell Fibe (Channel #1619) and Eastlink (Channel #743) – check it out… or take a look now at

What’s more  – they have just put out a casting call and it might be you they are looking for! Take a read below and if you give it a shot let me know, I want to cheer you on!!


Gusto TV, Canada’s new food and lifestyle channel is now casting!


Gusto TV is thrilled to announce a National Casting Call for two new original television series the multiplatform network will produce in-house. Whether you make a mean stuffed quail, pad thai, or layer cake; whether you are a professional, a guru of cultural cuisine or the master of family recipes – if you think that you have what it takes to spread the love or know someone that does, here’s your chance to be a star of the kitchen.

“The first show will celebrate global cuisine – whether your specialty is curry, kung pao, kebabs, crepes or cannelloni, you might be our perfect fit,” says Chris Knight, Gusto TV President & Chief Executive Officer. “We’re keeping the theme of the second show up our sleeves for now but trust us, you’ll love it.”

Gusto TV wants to hear from you if:

·         You’re a foodie

·         You know how to cook. Really, really cook

·         You have a BIG, fun personality

You don’t have to be a professional to be Gusto’s new foodie face (although pros are certainly welcome). Maybe you make the magic happen in your own home. Maybe you work behind the scenes in a sweaty restaurant kitchen. The new network is inviting culinary hopefuls to submit a three minute video – don’t worry about the production, lighting or editing – to the online Gusto TV Casting Call site.

Where to apply: