This has been a particularly weird winter. Say what you will… it was cold. Pretty damn cold at times. And while that hasn’t presented me with any additional challenges, it has for Barbara Schaefer and her farm full of the rare breed of pigs known as “Large Black Pig” – ok. Not the most creative name, but they are an endangered breed that Barbara is helping to bring back from the brink by farming them. As the demand for this fantastic pork – and it is fantastic – increases, she hopes more farms will want to raise the pigs and their numbers will return.

This winter has been particularly tough – with the pigs eating twice their normal amount to gain weight to deal with the cold, and the extra bedding to combat this dickish polar vortex. I’ll let Barbara tell you more about it in her own words:

Any amount you can donate will help these cute, smart and delicious animals.

Here is the link right to Barbara’s Indiegogo campaign – a very worthy foodie cause that only takes a couple dollars and a two minutes to make a big difference. Cheers!