I’ve decided to just ignore winter until it gives up and goes away. The internet, a very strong imagination and the stubbornness of a mule are helping me to succeed. This afternoon my attention started wandering to gardening and herbs. Before my thoughts danced over to BBQ, I spent some time looking for ways to label the plants in my garden. I found these great examples of cute DIY markers.

brickGot bricks? Got paint?? You have herb markers.


Dollar Store wooden spoons and one of those craft wood burning kits – mine would not be this nice.


Reuse frozen juice lids

paint sticks

Paint sticks!

marker 3

This one is super cute – and for people like me who would mess it up some how, you can find it on etsy!

garden marker

I may have a few dozen laying around…




For creepy gardens


Just an excuse to go buy clothes pins and paint!


Or if you are less artistic like me, you can use black board paint and just write the name!

And one extra – this will be the one I use:

marker 2