I’ve gotten into a wonderful little habit. Fridays I work late, and I’m up early on Saturday… earlier than I want to be anyway, so I’ve started using JustEat.ca – it’s an online ordering system that lets me peruse take out menus of local restaurants in my area and then I can order takeout in Ottawa online. Pay for everything right there, including tip (so that I’m not standing in the door way like a fool trying to figure out how much to give).



These may seem like small little upgrades to ordering take out – but as a single lady with two ridiculous pups who believe their main job is to defend me from anyone who knocks on my door, sometimes these little improvements make the experience all the better. For instance, I wanted to try out a local pizza place (Preston Pizza). I ordered everything online and picked a delivery time for after my dog’s walk so I knew I would be home. That’s right – another little convenience, pick the time you would like your food delivered! Give you time to finish grocery shopping, or get home from work and BAM there it is!

Pizza was a bit early and the delivery guy, my food, my pups and I all arrived at my front door at the same time. But I could just take the food, thank him and get down to the eating! No need to stand there with a credit card punching in my pin while I wished it wasn’t so freaking cold out and that I could just get inside and sit down to watch some Battlestar Galactica already.


Then there come the times when it’s not just undesirable to be on your feet for an extra 2 minutes, it’s nearly impossible. Sick, head pounding, unable to do anything but sleep and get hungry. That was me a week ago. Being able to go online, order hot chicken soup and pay for everything without having to subject some poor restaurant to my mumbling, cold pill ramblings was a win-win situation. Then when it arrived, I was back to the groove on the couch in less than a minute – soup in hand.

Another little perk – it holds on to your order history. So if you really liked a particular spot or dish, someone else is remembering those details for you. Hell, you can even just reorder the same order and not even have to click all those pesky buttons again.

It might not change your life – but it’s a my favourite way to order food in Ottawa!


Full disclosure – JustEat.ca did offer compensation for this post, but I really do enjoy any chance to be extra introverted.