It’s finally time. This Tuesday, yes, less than a week, Holland’s Cake and Shake will open its doors to the world and waiting Ottawa tummies at 8 am. 228 Armstrong Street (Hintonburg right by the Parkdale Market). How do I know it’s going to be so awesome? Well, I’ve tasted and raved about Pastry Chef Michael Holland’s creations before.



The most recent incident? I was lurking Facebook, as I often am, and came across a friend’s shot of all these amazing looking mini cakes that his wife was bringing to her class for an end of school celebration.** I then immediately started begging for one of the tasty creations. The begging was amplified when I found out the gorgeous vanilla cakes were topped with Fruit loop streusel.
The begging led to pouting and a teeny bit of foot stomping. Somehow, being a brat paid off and Chef Holland performed a random act of kindness with a drive by caking – delivering two of these babies.
I swear the only reason there is a picture is because I was devouring the other one while taking this
When I first opened the box and saw that there were two – my first reaction was “Who will I share this with?”. Then I took a bite.
Suddenly I was Smeagol and there was no way I was parting with my precious. I stopped short of shoving the whole thing in my mouth at once – but I did polish them off shamefully fast.
I know where I’ll be on Tuesday – see you at the Cake and Shake?
** What kind of friend get’s their class goodies from the hippest bake shop in town BEFORE it opens? The ever awesome Jenn of FoodiePrints! Thanks for letting me Facebook stalk your food guys!