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Another year upon us and I for one am alive with the possibilities of all the great things that could happen! Some people hate resolutions but I make them all year round – just little goals you set for yourself in order to adjust and make things better. Whether it’s broad like “getting into shape” or more specific such as “at least stop eating ice cream directly from the container”, when you set these objectives, big or small, it gives you reason to celebrate when you have accomplished them!

So here are a few of my foodie resolutions for this year on my 2014 Bucket List. Which is, of course, for when 2014 kicks the bucket. Me? I don’t plan on ever doing that. I will live on like one of those floating heads in Futurama… forever eating ice cream directly from the tub.

1. Open Cardamom and Cloves. This one may sound like a no brainer, but until the doors are open it’s still a goal I’m working towards. Let’s add – and keep it open… that sounds a little more like a resolution.


Look at that wicked paint job! Thanks ladies! And

2. Take a food related vacation. I’m not sure where yet – and I have no idea what my schedule will allow for, but I will travel somewhere amazing (not necessarily far or for very long) and will go for something food related. Broad? Maybe. But who hasn’t wanted to go to Spain for paella and red wine?!? Or Morocco for Kefta???


I would totally go back to Iceland just for hot chocolate and asparagus soup.

3. This year I’m turning 30. It doesn’t have to be a big deal – but I think I’m going to make it one. I plan on having a meal to remember to celebrate this milestone.

The list isn’t long this year, but the items are pretty big. Hats off to 2014 – let’s make it the best year yet!!


I love New Years. I would dare say it is my favourite holiday. Not that I look forward to it all year, but when it is around I love the hope and well wishes it brings for a wonderful new year. With today being the last day of 2013 – I figured it was the perfect chance to finish up my resolution from last year to learn a new culinary word a day. Here are the rest of the list from 2013 – to see them all look back through the Interweb Going On posts.



Be safe my friends.

Angel Hair – a pasta in a very fine, long, thin strand.

Anise – an aromatic plant with licorice-flavoured seeds.

Antioxidant – a molecule capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. Used as ingredients in dietary supplements in the hope of maintaining health and preventing diseases.

Aperitif – a light alcoholic drink taken before a meal.

Blood Pudding – also called blood sausage – a sausage made from pigs blood, suet, a thickening agent and herbs.

Bon Appétit – French for “Good/hearty appetite!” a salutation to a person about to eat.

Bonito – the flesh of a game fish related to tuna, with dark stripes on its back, or similar fish.

Borage – leaves of a hairy blue flowered European herb used to flavour sauces and punches. The young leaves are eaten in salads or cooked like spinach.

Bordelaise- a brown-coloured red wine sauce flavoured with shallots and garnished with bone marrow and parsley.

Composed Salad – a salad in which the components are elaborately put together or arranged rather than tossed.

Concentrate – a substance made by removing or reducing the liquid. For instance a juice made denser by removing its water.

Duchess Potatoes – are mashed potatoes, butter, egg yolks, and seasonings piked into a baking pan or made into small cakes and topped with grated cheese. Then they are baked or fried.

Dulce De Leche – a Latin American concoction of caramel and sweet cream which is used as a spread or flavouring for foods like ice cream.

Gjetost – a Scandinavian boiled whey goat’s cheese.

Glaze – any thin, shiny coating – savoury or sweet – applied to foods.

Kir – an alcoholic beverage made of cassis and dry white wine.

Knead – to work dough into a uniform mass with the hands by pushing, stretching and folding it.

Pasta E Fagioli – an Italian cannellini bean and pasta soup served with sausage.

Wishing you and yours a very happy and wonderful 2014 filled with laughter, good will and joy. See you next year! 





Like a kid trying to sneak into the house past curfew – here is my 2 days late Interweb Round Up. Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Dum – means cooked by steaming and is a term in South Asian cooking.

Dry Rub – a mix of spices, herbs, salt, sugar and various other ingredients that are used to flavour meat or veggies instead of sauce.

Dry – has two culinary meanings. In relation to food served without butter, jam, gravy or garnish; and in relation to wine that is not sweet.

Golden Syrup – a pale, mild amber mixture of molasses, corn syrup and sugar that looks like honey.

Jam – a spread or conserve made from fruit pulp boiled with sugar. The word was first used in the 1730s.

Quince – an aromatic, acid-tasting pear or apple shaped Asian fruit. Used primarily in preserves.

Ramekin – a small, lidless ceramic individual portion baking dish. Used mostly for foods like crème brulee.


A little late getting this to you… but I’ve got a good excuse! Tomorrow you can stop by the Ottawa Localvore Fair and see me! I will be there with all kinds of herb and spice goodness. Check out the poster below. But first – our culinary words this week!

Bonbon – a candy with chocolate or fondant coating and a fondant center that sometimes contains fruit or nuts.

Chervil – an aromatic Old World herb of the parsley family used for garnish and flavour.

Devil’s Food Cake – a rich but lightly textured dark chocolate cake named for its colour contrast with an angel’s food cake.

Foam – a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid. In cooking this can be created by agitation, fermentation or heating.

Huevos Rancheros – a Mexican/Latin American dish of fried, poached or scrambled eggs served with tomato salsa, chili, tortillas, cheese, refried beans and sour cream.

Kipper – a salted, dried and smoked herring or salmon.

Romanoff – describes fruit, often strawberries, macerated in liqueur and topped with whipped cream.




Hope you can make it out tomorrow!!

Last Friday I was on Rogers promoting my new shop – Cardamom and Cloves – and the start up campaign I’m running! Click here to donate to it, you get lots of great items with your donation including my undying gratitude! Needless to say I now owe you two weeks worth of culinary word a days! Here they are:

Acorn Squash – an acorn shaped winter squash with ridged dark green rind and yellow flesh.

Additive – a substance added directly to food during processing for purposes of preservation, colouring or stabilization.

Banana’s Foster – a dessert of lengthwise sliced banana sautéed and then flambéed in rum, banana liqueur and brown sugar, served with ice cream.

Baobab – the edible fruit of a very thick African tree. The edible pulp is called Monkey Bread.

Banger – slang for sausage.

BLT – a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. The abbreviation first became popular in 1941.

Café Mocha – a drink of typically 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk with chocolate added.

Colby – a mild cheese similar to Cheddar but softer and creamier.

Dessert Wine – a sweet wine served with or after dessert.

Digestif – a type of alcoholic drink taken to aid digestion. Common drinks include brandy and cognac.

Flummery – a soft, sweet, bland food made from boiled and strained oatmeal, flour or rice.

Flute (Fluting) – means to make furrows or rounded grooves in something such as a pie crust.

Medlar – the small, brown crab apple like fruit of a small Eurasian tree. It is used for preserves and eaten, but is not edible until the early stages of decay.

Pandowdy – also called a cobbler. A deep dish fruit pie sweetened with sugar, molasses or maple syrup with a top crust but no bottom.

pinky upKeep that pinky up!!

Now here are a few sites for you to spend time on while you pretend to work this cold but bright Friday afternoon…

Have you checked out Brew Donkey?? They do home deliveries of craft beer as well as tours to local breweries – and they sell gift certificates *cough* perfect gift *cough*

Happy Cow Cookbook features recipes from the top vegan restaurants in the world… including Ottawa’s own Zen Kitchen!

Gladstone is getting a meaty, yummy new store when Seed to Sausage comes to town!

I’m so sad I didn’t make the trip to Charleston for Cook it Raw – this looked like an amazing event.

I don’t know about you… but it has been a CRAZY week for me. I honestly can’t believe it’s already Friday. And because I’m so behind all I have for you today are the culinary word a days… I’m hoping next week will be a bit slower, but probably not! Happy Friday everyone! 

Vacherin – a soft cow’s milk cheese with a nutty flavour and 45% fat. It’s also the name of a baked meringue dessert that is served with ice cream and has a shape and colour of the cheese.

Sear – to brown meat quickly with intense heat before grilling or roasting.

Red Potato – any potato with a red skin.

Recipe – a list of ingredients, utensils, gear and instructions for preparing a food dish or drink. The word in this context dates back to 1631.

Offal – entrails, internal organs and trimmings of a butchered animal. Some of which are edible.

Melba – a sauce made of pureed raspberries.

Jackfruit – a very large East Indian fruit resembling bread fruit with edible pulp and seeds. One fruit can weigh up to one hundred pounds.


It was bound to happen, and it did. Sooner than later. Someone actually quoted how many days until Christmas to me the other day. *Shiver* Never do I feel more unprepared than in the face of someone’s extreme planning! Either way… here are the culinary words for this week!!

Venison – meat of a deer used as food.

Tempeh – an Asian/Indonesian food of soybeans fermented with mushrooms. It has a cheese like texture and is used as a meat substitute.

Temper – to slowly bring up the temperature of an ingredient by adding small amounts of hot or boiling liquid which prevents the food from setting or actually cooking.

Skirt Steak – one of two boneless cuts of beef from the lower part of the brisket. This is the cut of choice for fajitas, Cornish pastries and Chinese stir-fry.

Ramp – also called a wild leek, is a wild onion of North America that is eaten raw. It has a garlic flavour.

Ramen – a Japanese dish of wheat flour noodles served in a broth with garnishes like meat, seaweed, egg and vegetables. There is also an instant variety sold in packages with dehydrated broth.

Olla Podrida – a highly seasoned Spanish and Latin American stew made of meat and vegetables as well as sausage and chickpeas.


Now for some items to spend your afternoon on because… let’s face it, it’s Friday and you weren’t about to do any work anyway.

First of all thank you so much to anyone who has participated in my Indiegogo start up campaign for the store! We are over 25% of the way to the goal!

Next – I’m having an afterword get together to have a couple of laughs, a drink or two, give away free stuff and announce the location of my store. You should totally be there. Click here to RSVP and get more info.

Foodieprints visits Montreal!!

Ottawa Brewery Market – a Wordless Wednesday post by Sheltered Girl Meets World.

I was sorry to hear about the death of Charlie Trotter earlier this week – here he is talking about the evolution of creativity.


So… why did none of you remind me that it was November. After November comes December then another year will be past us! I have really got to get going on my 2013 Bucket List. I guess this is what becomes of your life when your newest hobby is napping in the afternoons.

One of my promises for 2013 was a “Creative Pay it Forward” – a promise to send 5 friends something I make at some point during the year. In my case I decided that each of the 5 would be getting cookies. I’ve crossed two off my list with Ginger Cookies and Chocolate Chip cookies – now for another.

My dear sweet, amazing friend Marey will be getting Sour Cream Cookies. Light and fluffy with a hint of vanilla – these cookies make your mouth dance with joy! Try them at home, but I would suggest getting some in the oven before you lick the beaters – otherwise you may not have any dough left for actual cookies. Yep… they are that good.


Sour Cream Cookies

1 3/4 All purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/2 cup (one stick) butter, softened
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup sour cream

In a bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda and nutmeg.

In a separate bowl cream together sugar and butter. Add egg, vanilla and sour cream. Mix with beaters to combine. Add to flour mixture and fold until dough forms.

Drop rounded tablespoons of dough 2 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 12 minutes or until the bottoms are browned.


How is that candy hangover treating you and the kids?? If you need, I selflessly will take any and all donations of mini chocolate bars (coffeecrisp, kit kat and peanut butter cups preferred), rockets, cheetos and tootsie rolls. Just message me and I’ll let you know where you can drop them off. But you can keep that candy corn stuff to yourself. Now on to the culinary words for this week!

Au Gratin – French for with scrapings/by grating and it originally referred to dried or toasted bread that was scraped from the bottom of a pan and mixed with grated cheese. Now it refers to a dish sprinkled with bread crumbs or grated cheese and browned.

Au Bleu – a French term referring to fish prepared immediately after it is killed.

Beluga – the Russian name for the white sturgeon fish whose roe makes the most prized caviar.

Caffe – Italian for coffee.

Espresso – strong black coffee made by forcing steam through finely ground coffee beans. The word literally means pressed out.

Goulash – a meat stew made of beef or veal, assorted vegetables and seasonings including paprika.

Meyer Lemon – a citrus fruit thought to be a cross of a lemon and a mandarin or orange.


There is so much going on this week on the web! Chef X, Restaurants dressing up for Halloween and celebrity chefs fighting over Canada’s seal hunt.

There is a new way to enjoy cooking at home! It combines the amazing talents of local chefs and your kitchen! A review of the new Chef X by Paula Roy!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support my Indiegogo campaign! These spice perks make awesome gifts and the campaign runs until the start of December – hint hint!

Chef Michael Smith tells Chef Curtis Stone to grow a pair. Agreed.

A restaurant in Chicago that does take away meals (think Red Apron or Epicuria) goes as fine dining Alinea for Halloween. Hilarious. Here is a little background and the awesome video!

A couple weeks ago I got the amazing opportunity to once again visit some farms around Ottawa and learn where my food comes from – not to mention sample some! It was a fantastic day filled with dairy cows, robots, my first visit to Kemptville and The Branch Restaurant, apples, tractor rides and Corbin – the world’s cutest farm dog. Seriously… don’t even bother reading this just skip to the pictures of Corbin. Thanks so much to Food and Farm Care Ontario for arranging all of this!


Little bottle fed calves just looking for a snack – sorry buddy… that’s my hand


Having all my questions about milk, dairies and cows answered on the Fraser family farm.


Corbin – world’s cutest farm dog


Notice all the collars on each cow – this lets the robotic milker identify each cow as she enters the pen, and depending on if it is time for her to be milked again, either starts the process or has her leave.


Corbin giving one of the ladies some love.


Only 2 days old and cute as a button – check out those knobby knees!!


Making sure I get her good side


Has the ‘milk’ logo ever changed??


Milk leads to cheese which leads to lunch – a logical progression!


Next farm stop was Mountain Apple Orchard – a pick your own spot. Very different business model than the ones my uncles used growing up.


I hadn’t realized that they prune the trees to train them to grow like this – makes getting to all the fruit easier.



I asked to drive, but apparently their insurance doesn’t cover it. Boo.

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