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The saying is ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. If you can’t reduce your waste, try to reuse it in another way to save having to throw it out (which is still what you are doing when you recycle… though it has a prettier name). So in the spirit of re-using kitchen gadgets and items to bring new life to them, I present:


If there is hope for this cake pan… there is hope for anything.


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I'm working on a show application that has asked for pictures of my workspace 😐. Usually it is cluttered and in complete disarray. I think I would call the organization of my workshop "creative" at best. But it is so hard to take the time to put photo props back when there are more mixes to make!! But today I'm making time... Stay gold, Ponyboy. .
#goldenmilk #outsiders #80sflicks #turmerictea #spice #spiceshop #handblended #fresh #organic #fairtrade #realfood Happy first day of spring!!!

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