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Happy Food Revolution Day! If that sounds familiar you probably are a fan of Jamie Oliver, or like the people in my life you know someone who wont shut up about him and the awesome work he does. The basic idea is to celebrate cooking and food. Good food. Cooked from scratch food and to learn how to prepare it and how it impacts your health and life. For some more information check out their website here.


It’s hard to tell in this picture, but they have the same eyes.

How am I embracing Food Revolution Day?? Through spices of course – and by spreading the word about this really great documentary I watched last night called A Place At The Table. It’s about the massive amounts of children and families who go hungry every day in the United States. True – it doesn’t show any information on similar problems in Canada, but it is not a problem that many Canadians face every day. Just take a look at the good folks at the Parkdale Food Centre, Ottawa Food Bank, Hijinx and School Breakfast Program.

But don’t take my word that this is a compelling and tragic problem – ask Jeff Bridges!



For more information on the doc – here is their website.


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I'm working on a show application that has asked for pictures of my workspace 😐. Usually it is cluttered and in complete disarray. I think I would call the organization of my workshop "creative" at best. But it is so hard to take the time to put photo props back when there are more mixes to make!! But today I'm making time... Stay gold, Ponyboy. .
#goldenmilk #outsiders #80sflicks #turmerictea #spice #spiceshop #handblended #fresh #organic #fairtrade #realfood Happy first day of spring!!!

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