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Well after finishing with ‘Cook with Jamie’ for the Cook Along Book club I think I’m in a pretty good place to review this book! For those of you who just want a thumbs up or thumbs down… thumbs up. This is one you wont regret buying.

Simply Fresh Cook Book Reviews 2


Today I’m doing something a little different – it’s my first attempt at a podcast. And with that I thought I would try a different kind of review – one all about cook books.

I have cupboards full of cookbooks – some I swear by and others that I keep around for the lovely photos. Hopefully these reviews will help you when you’re looking for that next book to add to your collection!

Today’s posting reviews 3 books:

Looney Spoons by Greta and Janet Podleski, The Cook’s Garden by Liz Primeau and Canadian Gardening & Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by Susie Ward.

Thanks so much for listening – if you have any suggestions for books I should take a look at leave me a message in the comments section!

Simply Fresh Cook Book Reviews 1

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I'm working on a show application that has asked for pictures of my workspace 😐. Usually it is cluttered and in complete disarray. I think I would call the organization of my workshop "creative" at best. But it is so hard to take the time to put photo props back when there are more mixes to make!! But today I'm making time... Stay gold, Ponyboy. .
#goldenmilk #outsiders #80sflicks #turmerictea #spice #spiceshop #handblended #fresh #organic #fairtrade #realfood Happy first day of spring!!!

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