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Well after finishing with ‘Cook with Jamie’ for the Cook Along Book club I think I’m in a pretty good place to review this book! For those of you who just want a thumbs up or thumbs down… thumbs up. This is one you wont regret buying.

Simply Fresh Cook Book Reviews 2

Today I’m doing something a little different – it’s my first attempt at a podcast. And with that I thought I would try a different kind of review – one all about cook books.

I have cupboards full of cookbooks – some I swear by and others that I keep around for the lovely photos. Hopefully these reviews will help you when you’re looking for that next book to add to your collection!

Today’s posting reviews 3 books:

Looney Spoons by Greta and Janet Podleski, The Cook’s Garden by Liz Primeau and Canadian Gardening & Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by Susie Ward.

Thanks so much for listening – if you have any suggestions for books I should take a look at leave me a message in the comments section!

Simply Fresh Cook Book Reviews 1

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