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Beaus beer and Seed to Sausage – does it get any better??? Nope. Photo by the amazing Francois Pomerleau who is always able to capture my… expressiveness. Here I am expressing that I’m confused about something. Probably why it has taken so long for me to eat a cheese and jalapeno stuffed sausage.

A great little documentary, especially for those who have an interest in beer and are business/marketing geeks like me. You can find it on Netflix right now!



Another weekend’s time has come! Love live the weekend!! Let’s get to those words.

Crudités – bite sized pieces or strips of veggies eaten raw as an appetizer or snack.

Epicure – any person devoted to refined serious enjoyment of food and drink.

Grist – a grain that has been ground or is meant to be ground. Especially corn.

Jasmine Tea – black tea scented with jasmine blossoms.

Manioc – the long, tuberous edible root of the Manihot plant. Used to make Tapioca.

Nage – in French cooking indicates a shellfish dish served in aromatic poaching liquid.

Poor Man’s Lobster – Monkfish. A large bottom dwelling angel fish native to Atlantic waters. Has a firm texture and mild sweet flavour like lobster.


Here are a couple of sites to help you pass your Friday afternoon, and get your foodie fix all at once!

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word about my new store! And a special thank you to all those who have picked themselves up some spices and herbs already! If you are so inclined – here is the link!

Have you heard of Whisk TV??? It’s a great new food centred website. Site founder JF Dufault describes it as “It’s basically a foodie website that features videos on local products and “in” restaurants.” The site features bilingual videos of some of Ottawa’s coolest and yummiest spots! Says Dufault “I basically wanted to start a website that showcased amazing places to eat. A great deal of restaurants dont have very good websites. No Pictures etc. And when you are organizing a night out with 7 other people, it’s a lot of pressure to find something or someplace that everyone will like.”

Really a great site to spend some time – check it out by clicking here!



There is something missing in Ottawa. For the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on it… then suddenly it hit me. We need a really fabulous Spice Shop. Somewhere that carries hundreds of varieties of herbs, spices and salts with wonderful staff that knows everything there is to know about their products and is willing to help you.

That last part is the kicker. I don’t know if you have every had this happen, but it was sadly routine for me while searching out flavourings in this city. You know what you need – the recipe told you – but it’s hard to find. Impossible even. After the 3rd or 4th store you try – you finally find it. Not much thanks to the surly staff member who simply pointed at an aisle and said “should be down there if we have it”. You take your purchase home, none the wiser about its potential beyond that one dish you are attempting.

I want to change all that.

I have a dream to open Ottawa’s premiere spice shop – I’m calling it Cardamom and Cloves. This is my baby.

But it takes a village to raise a child. So I’m asking for your help. There are so many things you can do to make this dream a reality right from the comfort of in front of your screen.


1. Follow Cardamom and Cloves on Facebook and twitter!

2. Tell me about your favourite spices, herbs, blends, brands. Anything that knocks your flavour socks off – I want to know about! Maybe it was a dish you tried while travelling. Maybe it’s just something you read about recently – either way let me know!! You can comment here, or shoot me an email

3. This is a biggie. You can contribute to my Indiegogo campaign. Not only will you get to light up my life – but you give me the chance to get some really amazing products into your hands. It’s very simple to do – just click here to get started. The more we can raise, the less I need to borrow, the better chance this has of succeeding. Can’t contribute financially?? Just spread the word! Many hands make light and fluffy work.

I’m so excited to finally start getting the word out. And I’m looking forward to opening in Spring 2014 – see you there!!



Finally Friday and the long weekend is upon us! What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?? Me?? Good food, friends and family! Let’s get to the culinary word round up.

Anjou – a variety of pear with green skin and firm flesh named for a former province of France.

Batch- the quantity baked at one time.

Chèvre – a French word for any cheese made with goat’s milk.

Edamame – the Japanese term for fresh, immature soy beans.

Farmer’s Cheese – unripened cheese made by pressing milk curds. It is drier, firmer and less creamy than cottage cheese.

Golden Delicious – a bright yellow sweet apple not genetically linked to a Red Delicious apple.

Jordan Almond – a large variety of almond from Malaga. The name comes from the english term for a garden almond. Also refers to any almond with a hard sugar coating.



Now for a couple of links to keep you entertained through the countdown to the long weekend! 

Ever heard of cheese crackers in a wedding cake?? Top Chef winner from season 4 Stephanie had it along with some other wicked sounding flavours!

Some of the crazy items that you can get pumpkin flavoured this fall.

New study says chicken nuggets are at most 50% meat. Ewww...

On the table!

Who’s Fred?? My new sourdough pet! You can read up on him here.

Here is my Fred update. He’s alive!! And making bread! It’s a little more work than my dry active yeast, but I realized that by using Fred I’m actually crossing an item off my bucket list!  I’m making something I would normally buy. Sweet.

Like I said there was a little more work to using the sourdough starter – but I just followed this handy dandy video made by the same group who taught me how to care for him in the first place.

But I dare say the results were fantastic!

Fred you rock. The crust is really crunchy, just like I like. With the inside being so soft and moist. Again… just what I like in a bread.  So I think this arrangement will continue. Jodi + Fred = great bread forever.


This is my new ‘pet’ Fred.

Fred is a sourdough starter and he’s teaching me a lot about himself and his kind. A friend gave him to me and apparently those from Fred’s line come from overseas many many moons ago. Or so I’m told. He’s helping me save money on making bread at home.

Basically Fred is a live culture. He eats the food I give him and produces gas that will make my bread rise when I add him to the mixture in place of yeast. Right now he lives in the fridge but I have to feed him every week. If he lived on my counter I would have to feed him twice to three times a day. What is a bread bacteria culture’s favorite food?? Flour and water of course! Feeding him is actually pretty simple – here is a great video that helped me in figuring out how to take care of him.

I was terrified when I first fed him, certain I had somehow screwed it up. But it’s been a few days now and he seems to be doing quite well. Bubbly and happy next to some humus and beer. (I never said the rest of the things in my fridge were as cool as Fred).

Hopefully I’ll be able to make some good bread with him and we will have many happy years together.  If not I’ve still got some dry active yeast so worst comes to worst I’ve got my bread bases covered. Welcome to the family Fred.

A quick how to video on roasting chicken. With this method I never screw up, and I end with a one pan dinner that takes a little time to cook, but very minimal effort. It’s our Sunday dinner every other week!

I love garlic! Such amazing flavour, but a little on the strong side when it is raw. Roasting garlic is the perfect way to mellow it out and let you use it for things like salads, as a spread on bread or anything else that could use a dose of light garlic flavour.

Check out my how to video and see how easy it is to make your own at home.

I have to add a few words to this ‘Wordless Wednesday’ post – this is a short film that my husband made for the Digi 60 – Ottawa’s Digital Film Festival. Filmmakers are invited to create a 8 minute or shorter movie based on a catch – this year’s being that the story needs to have been written by a student in elementary school. This film is based on a recipe from a cook book my school put together when I was in grade 6. All the students submitted a recipe and the book was put together by volunteer parents who then sold the book as a fundraiser. As you can guess there were LOADS of cake, pie and cookie recipes.

Last night this and 11 other films premiered at the Digi 60 Gala and Hubby won ‘Spirit of the Festival’ – an award they invented this year just to celebrate his film. You may not be able to tell but I’m beaming with pride right now. Watch it – it’s great. And check out the chick playing Cinnamon – she’s cute.

It’s time for peaches here in Ontario and with that here’s a quick tip on how to peel your peaches quickly and easily. Bring on the cobbler!!

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