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A couple weeks¬†ago I got the amazing opportunity to once again visit some farms around Ottawa and learn where my food comes from – not to mention sample some! It was a fantastic day filled with dairy cows, robots, my first visit to Kemptville and The Branch Restaurant, apples, tractor rides and Corbin – the world’s cutest farm dog. Seriously… don’t even bother reading this just skip to the pictures of Corbin. Thanks so much to Food and Farm Care Ontario for arranging all of this!


Little bottle fed calves just looking for a snack – sorry buddy… that’s my hand


Having all my questions about milk, dairies and cows answered on the Fraser family farm.


Corbin – world’s cutest farm dog


Notice all the collars on each cow – this lets the robotic milker identify each cow as she enters the pen, and depending on if it is time for her to be milked again, either starts the process or has her leave.


Corbin giving one of the ladies some love.


Only 2 days old and cute as a button – check out those knobby knees!!


Making sure I get her good side


Has the ‘milk’ logo ever changed??


Milk leads to cheese which leads to lunch – a logical progression!


Next farm stop was Mountain Apple Orchard – a pick your own spot. Very different business model than the ones my uncles used growing up.


I hadn’t realized that they prune the trees to train them to grow like this – makes getting to all the fruit easier.



I asked to drive, but apparently their insurance doesn’t cover it. Boo.


It has been a long time since I’ve been sick. Almost 2 years I believe since my last cold. So it was only a matter of time before I caught some kind of plague. All that to say… I wanted to post but my fingers and everything attached to them hurt and want to go back to bed. So I give you this, and promise a better post when I’m well. Happy Wednesday everyone!



Just a few words on this wordless Wednesday. This was my first year at Beau’s Oktoberfest in Vankleek hill and I have to say I was so impressed. Of course the food was amazing, and the beer just fab but the volunteers and planning of this event was stellar. Everything was running so smoothly, everyone working that day was so helpful and kind. It was a fantastic event. The kid zone had great acts that kept ‘the kid’ entertained, the contests were great fun for everyone and the music was awesome.¬†Congratulations to everyone who was involved. I can’t wait until next year! Here is hoping the weather will co-operate just a touch more.



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#TBT to one of the best trips I have ever taken. We spent a week exploring Iceland. It was chilly, I got sick and there are some truly acquired tastes (think fermented shark and lambs head) but also some of the best soup you have ever had in your life. 
Every where you went, almost every #tourist attraction restaurant had the same two #soups. One with meat, the other was a cream of asparagus style. That was my go to. I loved that asparagus soup so much. It was everything you needed on a chilly day of waterfall visiting. 
They also have the most gorgeous sea #salts. I can't wait to go back. And in the more foreseeable future visit with @mizmulligan 
#iceland #wfd #comfortfood #spiceshop #spicesubscription #spiceofthemonth #vegancomfortfood #hygge #cozy #linkinbio #travel #wanderlust I have a love/hate relationship with Caraway. Great when it is added to blends as a background flavour, but too much of it has me turning up my nose. Sour and sweet, they are best paired with:

Breads (esp. Pumpernickel and Rye)
German and Eastern European cuisine .
#spiceshop #fresh #handblended #ottawaeats #german #wfd #bread #wfb #613 #supportlocal The beginnings of #inspiration. 
This month the theme for the subscription pack is #Vegan. When I landed on it I honestly had no idea where I was going to go with it. Normally the themes help provide direction but this time it was such a big idea when I sat down to get started. 
Then, the way it usually does, #life provided a bit of inspiration in the form of snowy weather, #cozy baby cuddles, fluffy blankets and #hygge. 
Today I'm finishing up three Vegan Comfort Food recipes. Warm, scrumptious and filling. Sign up today to have recipes and spices sent to your door.

#linkinbio #ottawaeats #spiceshop #fresh #handblended #glutenfree #spicebaby

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