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Thanks to everyone who participated in my February Foodie Photo Contest with a comment or photo link or both! It was really a great way to get to know some of you, and hopefully you feel the same way about me. To pick a winner, I listed all the comments in order of when they were posted and gave them a number. I then used the random number generator on to select a number of the corresponding commenter.

And the winner is… Melodie!

I’ll be emailing you ASAP with your prize of a $50 online gift certificate to CSN. Congrats!


It’s the last day of the photo challenge – thank you so much to everyone who has participated. I will be using a random number generator to pick a winner and will be posting that info before noon tomorrow. Stay tuned!

As today is the last challenge, I’m going to make it an easy one – Show me a food / foodie photo of your chosing. 

Not too hard, right? Here is mine! It’s a photo of me at a market in London buying some bread, cheese and other goodies for dinner that night.

Second last day! Don’t forget to go back through the past 18 posts and comment – every comment on these photo challenge posts are an entry into my latest draw.

Today I’m asking you to show: a picture of your lunch. Remember, it can be a link to a site where you got the recipe that has a picture, it can be one you take right now with your phone, or even one you find on a site like flickr – just make sure to give credit to the one who took the photo.

I’m having left over risotto today – mmmmmm risotto… how did I live so long without you?

Today’s challenge is a little cheeky. With all this talk of cooking and food we can forget the unglamorous side of all of this – the mess. The challenge today: Shoe me a picture that represents your messy kitchen.

As Hubby has commented on more than one occasion – my kitchen often resembles a train wreck. I’m told I’m quite talented at making a mess!

Through this challenge, I’ve asked you about food you’ve eaten, food you love and who you’d want to cook for – but what about those who already know and love your food? Today’s challenge: show me a photo of someone who loves your food.

I’ve already posted photos of Hubby and ‘The Kid’ in this challenge so I’ll go in a different direction – this is my puppy Lemon. It’s a bit of a cheat because he loves all food, but I like to think that he likes it that much more if I’m the one giving it to him.

I love gadgets and tools – mostly ones for my kitchen! Today’s photo challenge: Show me your favourite kitchen tool or gadget. It doesn’t have to be one that you use all the time, but just one that you love. For me that gadget has to be my apple peeler and corer. In less than one minute I can have an apple peeled and cored and ready for pie/sauce/crisp/dehydrated chips.

What’s a good meal without good friends to share it with?? Today’s Foodie Photo Challenge: show me a picture of your foodie friends!

Here is a photo of a few wonderful ladies I lived with during my university days who nurtured  my foodie side as it developed, and continue to do so even today!

 Only 5 days left in the Foodie Photo Challenge – comment here or on any of the previous posts to be entered into my latest draw!

Today’s challenge is a bit of a tough one, at least it was for me. Mainly because I don’t have a scanner and only have pictures of this person in hard copy. Thanks to my lovely Aunt who had this one up on her facebook for me to borrow!

Show me a picture of someone you would like to cook for but haven’t had the chance. It can be someone you know, someone you’d like to know or someone you used to know! For me that person is my Granny. A woman who has always and will always have a very special place in my heart. Sadly she isn’t with us anymore and I hadn’t really tapped into my foodie side before she left. C’est la vie.

One of my greatest joys as a foodie is having someone else cook me a meal. Today’s photo challenge – show me a picture of a person or place that has cooked a meal you loved. 

For me that would be The Warrington Pub in London – one of Gordon Ramsay’s pubs. I had an amazing hanger steak and mash – something so simple but so tasty. I remember a night of great company and amazing food. I’d travel back to London just to eat here again.


Remember, every comment on this and the other 12 Foodie Photo Challenge posts enters you into my latest draw! Good luck!

What a foodie be without their kitchen?? Today’s photo challenge is: Show me a picture of your dream kitchen. For me that isn’t exactly the one I have now, but I’m hoping it will be one day! Notice the ample wine storage. Ample.

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#TBT to one of the best trips I have ever taken. We spent a week exploring Iceland. It was chilly, I got sick and there are some truly acquired tastes (think fermented shark and lambs head) but also some of the best soup you have ever had in your life. 
Every where you went, almost every #tourist attraction restaurant had the same two #soups. One with meat, the other was a cream of asparagus style. That was my go to. I loved that asparagus soup so much. It was everything you needed on a chilly day of waterfall visiting. 
They also have the most gorgeous sea #salts. I can't wait to go back. And in the more foreseeable future visit with @mizmulligan 
#iceland #wfd #comfortfood #spiceshop #spicesubscription #spiceofthemonth #vegancomfortfood #hygge #cozy #linkinbio #travel #wanderlust I have a love/hate relationship with Caraway. Great when it is added to blends as a background flavour, but too much of it has me turning up my nose. Sour and sweet, they are best paired with:

Breads (esp. Pumpernickel and Rye)
German and Eastern European cuisine .
#spiceshop #fresh #handblended #ottawaeats #german #wfd #bread #wfb #613 #supportlocal The beginnings of #inspiration. 
This month the theme for the subscription pack is #Vegan. When I landed on it I honestly had no idea where I was going to go with it. Normally the themes help provide direction but this time it was such a big idea when I sat down to get started. 
Then, the way it usually does, #life provided a bit of inspiration in the form of snowy weather, #cozy baby cuddles, fluffy blankets and #hygge. 
Today I'm finishing up three Vegan Comfort Food recipes. Warm, scrumptious and filling. Sign up today to have recipes and spices sent to your door.

#linkinbio #ottawaeats #spiceshop #fresh #handblended #glutenfree #spicebaby

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